Mayhem Monday: Riding Roller Coasters for Fun

What a week it was! I was on a major up and down ride with my leg last week but I’m happy to report that things are not as bad as I initially thought and there’s actually some hope for my running future and other endeavors I hope to dabble in.

For those that may have missed my near mental collapse the unfolding of events, I thought I was having a significant flare-up of the tendonitis that robbed me of my running joy for over 5 months. I was heart-broken and beginning to wonder if a life of pain would be my future and if I’d ever get back to running half marathons. And what about the full marathon I plan on doing? Or triathlon which I’m aching to get into.

Rolling the pain away with my littlest cheerleader by my side.
Rolling the pain away with my littlest cheerleader by my side.

In short, I was really getting lost in my head. I prayed about it, took a few deep breaths and calmly went for a Graston treatment and made an appointment with another chiropractor who specializes in functional movement and who I was praying could give me some new insight into my issue, the underlying cause and how to get rid of it forever.

The Graston appointment sparked some hope as she was certain whatever was causing me grief was not tendonitis-related. She poked around and found the money spot around my hip. Yowza. I don’t react vocally to pain very often but she had me singing notes I didn’t know existed when she found the tender spot. She also said my calf had never felt so good and hardly needed any treatment. That’s never happened in my life so I allowed myself a short happy dance. She showed me a couple of different ways to foam roll the area and said running and training really shouldn’t be an issue.

When it came time for appointment number two, I was cautiously optimistic that the news would be good. And it was. Turns out, my issue is structural. My left leg (the one that causes me grief) is longer than my right (which is normal) but because my joints hyper-extend (which I already knew), when my legs fatigue and my form and stability go south (which they do in an embarrassing fashion, as was observed during my examination), my ITB over-compensates, all the surrounding muscles tighten and pull on my tendon, giving me pain. There were a few other things noted that I don’t need to go into but the bottom line is that it’s all treatable!

He looked at all my athletic shoes, went over the type of training I do and my heart rate training and all was good. I have 3 simple (yet difficult) exercises to do to work on stability so when I start to increase mileage again in a couple of months, I will hopefully not run into any more issues.

He’s 100% confident that if I keep up with the exercises and my level of fitness that I will be pain-free forever! Huzzah!!! He also said I can run and train as I normally would but to expect some pain after while the muscles are strengthening.

Post workout bliss. Hot, sweat, stanky mess. Hello Saturday!
Post workout bliss. Hot, sweat, stanky mess. Hello Saturday!

Happy girl. Elated girl. So glad to finally have some answers after nearly 2 years of wondering what, when, where and why. Now I have a plan and a date with my treadmill!

Have a great week everyone!!


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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

23 Responses to Mayhem Monday: Riding Roller Coasters for Fun

  1. I have one leg a bit longer than the other too. I think it is more common than we know. Glad you got some good information and some exercises to help you with your woes and that you will be able to start running again. YAY!

    • If you have someone in your area that does it, it’s totally worth getting a consult to see if you’re a good candidate. Graston + Functional Movement specialist = Gold.

  2. Yay! That’s great to hear. I really need to try a chrio for my hip issue. And probably more foam rolling, lol… Though it’s been behaving itself lately.

  3. Glad to hear everything is looking up. It is crazy how our bodies change after pregnancy and it can take awhile for the ligaments to tighten up so make sure that you give your body adequate rest and do plenty of strengthening of your lower core, hips and glutes.

  4. Yay! What good news!! I have had some ITB issues reoccur and it totally sucks! I’ve upgraded to a more supportive shoe and hope that with that, foam rolling, and strengthening work I’ll be good to go for a half marathon this spring! It’s awesome to have a professional give you the thumbs up!

    • Exactly!! The foam roller is like that one good friend who won’t hesitate to punch you in the head if you’re about to do something dense. We all need one of those in our lives 😉

  5. YAAAY so happy for you! The human body amazes and fascinates me, how we are able to do so much but one tiny discrepancy can cause us so much pain. Hoping you have continued good news and healing!

    • Yes! I think we often overlook all the things that have to go right for us to function effectively and only on the one thing that goes wrong. Our body’s are truly miraculous.

  6. I hate to say this but sometimes you have to listen to your body. I gave up on running in 1995 and have never looked back. I’m glad that I did because right now I’m dealing with a knee issue. I have moderate arthritis in my knee and the doc said if I had been running all those years I would have had severe arthritis by now. I can feel your frustration because it limits me on what I can do. However, don’t push it too hard because you don’t want to end up with some type of joint replacement in your future.

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