Fukumoto Friday: Week 7

I didn’t update last week because it was the holidays and though we did have a workout on Tuesday before Christmas, I took a blogging and social media siesta. It was lovely to spend time with my family, unplug for a bit and not worry about anything outside of whether or not my kids were going to drive me bonkers with their incessant fighting over their Lego’s (gurr).

This week, we’re back at it with a brand new training cycle! Whoo hoo. The only difference right now is that I won’t be working out on Thursdays for a few weeks because hubby will be starting a course on Thursday nights and will be at school. So I’ll be working out on either Friday nights or Saturday mornings in the meantime. I thought about changing the day I post this update but given that it took me forever to come up with this boring and completely unoriginal name, I wasn’t about to overheat my cranium by trying to think of something different and trying to carve out time to post on the weekend. So, it’ll be a bit of a lag. I’m sure we’ll all survive it thought 😉 Friday

So while I’m posting this on a Friday, I don’t yet know what my second weekly workout will be until tomorrow. What I can say is Holy Crap were my legs sore after Tuesday. What did me in? TRX assisted pistol squats. Yowza. I’m pretty sure they’re my new favorite thing. Yes, they hurt. Yes, they were hard and yes, my arms did about 85% of the actual work on week one but they were FUN! I’m totally serious.

I can’t wait for Saturday to see what workout number two will be. It will be nice to get back into a routine again. I love the holidays and everything that comes with it but at the same time, it’s nice to have a plan and a schedule in place too. I’m also hoping that this is the month I’ll learn how to properly use a Kettle Bell. I see everyone else in my classes using them so I’m excited to join in the fun. Body weight swings are fun…but KB swings look funner.

These shoes were made for (pistol) squatting, and that's just what they'll do...
These shoes were made for (pistol) squatting, and that’s just what they’ll do…


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