Fukumoto Friday: Week 5

Gah!! As I sit to write this update, my arse is well aware of the work it did this week. As are my quads and calves.

For those that may not know, Wednesday was my birthday. The big 3-5. Officially in a new age category for racing. Go me! In the spirit of giving gifts that are more meaningful, my parents decided a few years ago that they would give us each some money to use as we see fit. The only requirement is that we use it toward something we want vs paying a bill or buying something for the kids (but mum…I WANT to put gas in my van…kidding. I don’t want to be seen in public driving that beast). This year, it was perfect. I bought myself 3 extra workouts at Fukumoto Fitness to gear me up for the busyness of the holiday season. I was pumped!

Anyone else??
Anyone else??

I’m pretty sure the last time I worked out hard 3 days in a row was probably training for and running Ragnar a couple of years ago. And that wasn’t even three days, it was 36 hours. But it also brought back the loving memory of the day my foam roller and I truly became partners. Running and sitting in a smelly van for that long will definitely make your legs unhappy. Working hard 3 days in a row will do the same. Thank you, foam roller. Thank you very much.

I digress…

The workouts were awesome. Very high energy and full of new people and new stuff. It was both nice and a bit intimidating seeing so many people and new faces in the crowd but the energy and support in the group did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

I love this. Would have been less blurry but I took it post-workout with dead arms.
I love this. Would have been less blurry but I took it post-workout with dead arms.

I felt fantastic after. Truly spent but energized. I’m really happy that my cardio has kept up even after so much time away from serious training. I’m hoping that continues as I figure out how to marry heart-rate training with training for my first post-baby race next Spring. I’ve no doubt that I can run 6 miles. It will be finding the time to get the miles in at such a slow pace (my max training pace is 140bpm…I get there brushing my teeth…).

Next week, I likely won’t be posting an update. There’s one workout on Tuesday then nothing until the following week when we start a new training phase (yahoo!). I’m going to enjoy my family time and relax a bit.

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