Treasured Traditions: Making memories with your baby this holiday season

It’s time for our last Disney Baby update for 2014. Stay tuned for a great giveaway coming very, very shortly! In the meantime, enjoy these tips and tricks for making memories with your little ones this holiday season.

Every family has special holiday customs, which help to make the season brighter. Whether it’s hanging stockings, buying goofy gifts or sharing family meals, it’s the little details that make the holidays so wonderful. It’s never too early to create magical memories with your little ones, so Disney Baby has put together some ideas for family traditions you can start today!

Create a countdown

Find a fun way to prepare for the big day! Whether it’s creating a homemade advent calendar filled with great goodies or reading holiday books like Christmas Around the World in the evenings before the main event, you and your little one can share in the gleeful anticipation of the holiday magic to come.

Trim the tree

Dedicate some family time to decorating your tree together. Give your little ones ornaments that are all their own, so they have special roles to play every year. You can also take this time to explain your family’s history: try sharing stories about your favourite trimmings to show your wee one how special their contribution really is!

Share festive tunes

Embrace the holiday season with some merry music! Teach your little one your favourite festive songs and practice together as a family. If you’re feeling really ambitious, why not put together a little concert? You and your baby can perform seasonal classics together for a group of family and friends.

Bake some sweet treats

What better time of year to introduce your wee one to the magic of the kitchen? Why not work together to bake sugar cookies or gingerbread men, and then let your little one loose with sprinkles, icing and other sweet toppings. Use cookie cutters to construct fun and festive shapes – you can even create your favourite Disney characters!

Pose for a picture

Take a family photo to share on a card, or keep a special holiday album that will grow as your children do. To keep things interesting, try choosing a fun theme: you can all wear holiday PJs or goofy reindeer ears – coming up with a new one every year is a great way to share some cheer together. If it’s your baby’s first holiday, why not preserve the memory of your little elf in a customizable photo frame?

Your Turn: How do you give your little one a role to play in the holiday fun?

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