Fukumoto Friday: Week 3

3 weeks down. 3 weeks of intense learning. 3 weeks of feeling stronger. It’s hard to believe I’m one week away from being done my first phase of training at the warehouse but I am.

This week saw huge gains for me as well as huge hurdles. On Tuesday, I was able to increase my weights on almost everything we did. Heaviest sandbag for squats (whoo hoo!), harder variation on the muscle ropes (oh my word…), a little bit lower on the TRX and little fatigue on pushups. Thursday, I not only learned how to swing a kettle bell (yihaw! It was fun!) I also increased the weight of it (unrelated exercise)  and increase the difficulty on my lunges and side plank (I actually held a real side plank for 2 full rounds and modified halfway through rounds 3 and 4…never, ever, ever happened before). It was great!

The shoes don't lie: make it happen!
The shoes don’t lie: make it happen!

Last week, I mentioned that I would be going into my nutrition goals this week so here is what’s been on my mind about eating:

I would say that I eat pretty well about 85% of the time. I food prep pretty much every Sunday and though some weeks (especially during this time of year when between birthdays, holiday gatherings and such, we’re out a lot of weekends) are better than others, I will always have veggies sliced up, breakfast prepped and one snacky item ready (usually my homemade hummus). Our dinners are undergoing a bit of a re-vamping as of late. I’m finally nearing the end of our freezer stash from before the little lady was born (I made a LOT of food) so I can’t rely on that as much to fill in the gaps. With the times that I go to the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m gone at dinnertime leaving hubby to fend for 3 kids and himself. I need to figure out a better way of getting that done ahead of time for him.

Baked oatmeal with hemp seeds and almond milk. Yes please!!
Baked oatmeal with hemp seeds and almond milk. Yes please!!

My biggest snafu with eating is that I’m a notorious snacker. Especially after dinner. I can and have eaten all the things. All. The. Things. I’ve come to realize that I can very easily get enough calories in me during the course of my day but the problem is that I don’t always (read: rarely) get enough good calories in me (yes, there is a huge difference), hence the hungry/hangry monster that tends to come out. So this is my challenge: eat and eat well. Eat good foods and more importantly, eat more nutrient dense foods that pack a caloric punch that won’t leave me starving and shoving crap in my face an hour later.

I’m finding my mindset is changing a lot these days and over the past few months. I would often have an opinion that I could snack liberally because I ran a lot of miles and burned it all off. I now realize that although there is a slight truth to this so-called theory, it doesn’t equate to doing my body any particular favors.

Tried this vegan protein powder for the first time. Wow! Is it ever good!!
Tried this vegan protein powder for the first time. Wow! Is it ever good!!

Hence my present goal being very simple: Eat. Better. Food. The best way I can find to break this down is with the simple truth that i need to fuel my body to survive my days with my kids (lots of energy needed for that), workout, run and so forth. I also need to be able to allow my body to repair itself in order to remain functional in all the ways I need it to. Crappy foods with empty calories are not going to accomplish that. Another way to look at it is this way: this gym membership is not cheap. It’s a struggle to justify on one salary and though it’s worth every single penny spent and if the extra cash came my way, I would add a third training day in a heart beat. It’s money wasted if I’m not taking the training home with me. Sure, I may see the results but not in the same way as I will if I take care of my body 24/7 and not just a few hours per week. I know where I want to be in a few months so I need to step it up if I’m going to get there. I really have nothing to lose in following this scenario. Adding this weekly feature to this blog is just another way for me to stay accountable (and to give my hubby a break from the constant “guess what I did at the warehouse tonight?!?!?!”).

This has the makings for a seriously awesome recovery smoothie.
This has the makings for a seriously awesome recovery smoothie.

Until next time!

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