Mayhem Monday: Running, Compression and a Pumpkin Workout

Last week was pretty much awesome. More than awesome, it reeked of awesomeness. So much went on, where to start!

First, I am happy to announce that I’m now an official Ambassador with PRO Compression! Yahoo! I absolutely love their products and have been using them for the last year or so. I love, love, love the trainer lows for running and the marathon socks are fabulous for running and/or recovery. My legs always live in them post-long run during all my training cycles. I just recently bought two pair of their new compression capri’s and I’m absolutely loving them as well. So comfortable and functional. They are seriously fabulous. Stay tuned for more from me on this new role which will carry through 2015.

PROC-ambassador-2014 (2)

I also signed up for my first post-baby race. Given that we’re heading into winter where there’s not much racing to be done in the next few months, it gives me plenty of time to focus on running and not put pressure on myself to be back in half marathon shape before I’m ready to be. I’ll be racing the Police Service half marathon relay with a dear friend in May. It’ll be a 6.5 mile run which I think is perfect for me. I can train through the winter, take my time, make sure I have no tendonitis flares and really focus on building a solid base before strapping on a race bib. I can’t wait!

Speaking of running…I FINALLY got a couple of 2 mile runs in last week on the dreadmill and though it wasn’t outside, it was still glorious! Even better was the excitement from my boys when I fired up the ‘mill. I had one on either side of me “running” alongside me. Mr. O. was by my side during both runs for nearly the entire run keeping me company, much like my 4 year old was at that same age. I loved having him there. Both runs went really well and I felt like I could have gone harder and farther but I’m determined not to get ahead of myself and take my time and make sure my body is ready.

First postpartum run!
First postpartum run!
Second run, first using heart rate training.
Second run, first using heart rate training.

I also did a charity workout at the gym that gave me an excuse to a) dress up and b) workout with my pumpkin…because I’ve been looking for a reason to. Seriously. It was great fun and I really, really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to start training in a couple of weeks.

Minnie Mouse, ready to own the pumpkin workout.
Minnie Mouse, ready to own the pumpkin workout.

This week, I’m hoping to get in 3 runs. I’d like to do another Joga class but that’s a pay per class and I might be pushing my hubby’s good charity by doing another. We’ll see :)

How was your week? Anyone run New York or know someone who did?

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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

23 Responses to Mayhem Monday: Running, Compression and a Pumpkin Workout

  1. Congratulations on your Pro Compression gig… aren’t they one of the companies that doesn’t ship to Canada re winning giveaways? Maybe you can change that …hahaha… nice to get a partnership with a company whose products you really like and use.

    • Thanks Elle. I really do love the product (otherwise, I wouldn’t want to represent them ;P )

      I’ve never had an issue getting product shipped to me whenever I’ve purchased. I won a giveaway a year or two ago as well. Maybe it’s changed (re: giveaways). It does take longer to get through customs. That’s about the only thing I’ve noticed.

    • I’m in the same boat re: NYC. It looked so awesome, even given the conditions outside that day.

      Compression helps with circulation, recovery etc. I live in my marathon socks after a long run or tough lower body workout. I find I’m much less sore after and can function relatively normally. They were also a lifesaver for me and my varicose veins during pregnancy.

  2. Is your tendonitis in your foot? I had to give up running years because of plantar fasciitis in my foot. I’m glad now that I gave up running and took up cycling because my ortho doctor told me if I had been running all those years I would have had severe arthritis by now.

    • Mine is around my knee, the popliteus. I’ve had to really slow down on the running to let it heal and will likely always need tune-ups to maintain it. It’s on my radar now so I’m hoping to never let it get the better of me again. Lots of functional movement training in my future.

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