Mayhem Monday: Feeling the Panic

Here we are at Monday again. Thankfully, it’s a long weekend Monday so hubby is home. Saturday night, I couldn’t fall asleep until 6am (so I guess technically Sunday morning) and my boys are up not long after that. Oy!!

This week, I’m in terrified mode. My kids are done daycare and are with me full time from now until this time next year or later if I can’t get them back into daycare (I had to give up both spots because holding them was most definitely NOT budget-friendly). I’m also now 38 weeks pregnant and struggling to keep up. In just a short time, I will be home alone, all day, with 3 kids. Up until now, that reality was no where near the forefront of my brain. Up until now, I wasn’t too concerned. Up until now, I wasn’t crapping my pants wondering how the heck I am going to pull off the next 12 months without losing my mind.

No wonder I don’t sleep…

Ok, now that my mini-fit is done, I can take a calming breath and assure myself that it won’t be as bad as I imagine. It will be tough, no doubt about that. Parenting is ridiculously hard but I know I can do it. Whew.

Moving on…

I had the absolute pleasure of enjoying a girls night out this past weekend and holy cow, it was loooooong overdue. I needed those laughs. I was hoping that by sitting on the nice sofa in someone else’s house, with plenty of witnesses would automatically make my water break in order that I a) would be horridly embarrassed beyond words and b) would have to pay to have said sofa cleaned and/or replaced. Sadly, neither happened. Baby is still cooking and showing no signs of interest in doing anything but sleeping and kicking me to no end. Sigh. BUT, I did come home feeling recharged mentally, even if I’m completely spent physically.

This is pretty much the only way I can see my legs or feet anymore. I'm not sure how I got those socks on. It's possible I've been wearing them for days...
This is pretty much the only way I can see my legs or feet anymore. I’m not sure how I got those socks on. It’s possible I’ve been wearing them for days…

With this week being the first at home with the boys, the plan is merely to survive. If the weather holds, we’ll spend as much time outside as humanly possible during the day and at night, I will do my best to come up with creative ways to pass the other hours of the day. Any suggestions for crafts, activities and things that can generally be supervised on zero sleep with a screaming baby hanging off one’s boob would be greatly appreciated.

For real.

I’m retired from running officially now. I’m totally ok with it. I miss it and can’t wait for the all clear later this fall but for now, I have no interest in it. I pee about 300 times per day as it is and this chunky monkey spends so much time kicking my bladder that to even attempt a few waddly steps forward is asking for trouble. November will come soon enough and I have a feeling that I’ll be too overwhelmed to even notice the time going by anyway. At this point, if I workout, great, if not, I don’t care. Carrying around my 30lb toddler and my own self is plenty enough for me :)

Stay tuned over the coming weeks too, I have some AMAZING product reviews that I’m working on as well as a great giveaway that I know you’ll love. So excited!

Have a great week everyone!!

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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

13 Responses to Mayhem Monday: Feeling the Panic

  1. I am sorry that you are having issues with sleep! I think I would feel the same way, my two kids are actually 11 years apart, so I have no clue how to handle three together, I barely survived one at a time. I a sure you will figure it out and do awesome!

  2. I understand the panic, it comes and goes for me knowing I will have two and the second isn’t coming till December!!! Hang in there and you’ll figure it out. Glad Mr.O is feeling better! My daughter starts preschool this week too, I’m excited but it’s making me realize how much she has grown, which is good but I do miss some baby days with her but I’ll have plenty with the new little one. :)

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