Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks

I call the third trimester the home stretch of pregnancy but really…3 months does seem like a long time to be “stretching”. On the other hand, baby does some serious fattening up in this phase so I guess there is something to be said for the stretch after all. Either way, this is where I’m at and so I might as well give you guys an update since I haven’t done too much of that this pregnancy.

How I’m feeling: Most days, I feel ok. I have definitely been very run-down this pregnancy and struggling with energy and sleep. Knowing that I have 2 little ones at home and that I work definitely plays into it. We’re very much a family on the go and this time of year, this is especially true. My back has been giving me a bit more trouble lately but unlike my last pregnancies, it’s been more a product of what I’ve been doing as opposed to a constant pain and discomfort. Gardening, running, lifting and carrying my 2 year old (yes…he still loves to be carried and cuddled by his Mama and I can’t say no to that sweet little face) definitely come back to haunt me later on but I’m usually ok after sleeping. In the meantime, I do yoga, stretching, massage to keep things as loose as possible.

28 week bump. All belly. All the time. Can't touch this....
28 week bump. All belly. All the time.
Can’t touch this….

Clothes: All maternity, all the dang time. I don’t much care. I’d love to pat myself on the back and say that I’m still squeezing into non-maternity stuff but that would be: a) a bald-faced lie and b) something I’m not interested in advertising. Function over fashion. Sure, I’d love to proclaim that I can still pour myself into a pair of skinny jeans but I also love to proclaim that I enjoy breathing so I’m just wearing what’s comfortable and going with it. No shame here.

Emotions: For the most part, very well balanced and in check. I’m not feeling very nervous about this baby yet or thinking too hard about life with 3 littles at home. I find the only time I feel a bit bristly is the constant commenting on how big I look and/or that I’m “crazy”, “brave” something like that because I’m having a third child. First of all, yes, I am big compared to many/most other pregnant ladies out there but by the same token, I don’t need to be reminded of that. My weight gain is perfectly average/normal (about 20lbs to date) for what my doctor is expecting. I’m not gorging on junk food day in and day out (but I do allow myself to indulge, just as I do in normal, every day life) and I’m getting the vitamins/nutrients I need. Why people see the need to point out stuff like that is beyond me. I’m healthy, my baby is healthy, end of story. As to the other comment, I really don’t understand where you go from “congrats on your second child” to “OMG, three?????? You’re insane”. I don’t understand it. Do third kids have complexes? If so, I think I can trace it back to this.

Cravings/Aversions: I have no real aversions anymore. If anything, it’s more of a lack of interest in foods, not an intolerance to them. Other than when I’m craving ice cream (every. dang. day.) or watermelon, I don’t really have much interest in food. I eat because I’m hungry (all. the. time.) but in a lot of ways, food has lost some of its luster lately. I think the lack of sleep and restless leg syndrome are contributing to that.

Gender: No clue. We’ll discover this when baby comes in September. I’m pretty bummed because I wanted to plan a bit more for this one but when baby doesn’t want to reveal, there’s not much we can do. We looked into a non-diagnostic ultrasound but I refuse to pay $100 for something I’ll find out in a few months anyway.

Activity: Definitely slowing down. Now that it’s getting hot and humid, it’s harder to find a good time to head outside to do stuff and work has been crazy, which always cuts into my workout time but I still feel good in doing what I’m doing and am modifying as needed. I still manage to get in about 3 workouts a week most weeks, sometimes more but I’m totally trusting the body at this point and letting it dictate to me what it’s going to let me do. I’m stoked that I’m still running at this stage and that I’m still able to run fairly comfortably. I stopped running around 24-25 weeks with Mr. O. because of my back and a car accident but by that point, I was already pretty uncomfortable running. I’m happy and thankful that I’ve made it this far. I’m hoping I still have a few more weeks left in me. I won’t be cleared for running again until at least November so I want to relish the pavement as long as I can.

Getting my squat on.
Getting my squat on.
Happy to be in the sunshine running!
Happy to be in the sunshine running!

Here’s to the final trimester! May it pass quickly, uneventfully and as painlessly as possible!


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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

13 Responses to Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks

    • It’s not just you. This time around, things are speeding by. The husband and I just realized we have a lot less time to do a lot of things before this little one is here. Eek.

  1. We are both right in the same boat. I’m 28 weeks and toting around a little toddler too! The biggest difference is that you have TWO others and work and I’m just with ONE and SAHM.
    I give ya a lot of credit! I don’t think you’re crazy, just a really really good multitasker. And you look great!!! Sending lots of power to the preggos!!!!

  2. I think you look fantastic! I hear you on the less energy and poor sleep… those two areas are definitely harder this time for me with a kid in the house. But I can’t believe how close you are getting- so exciting!

    • Can you believe that in just a few short weeks we’ll be posting pics of our little ones?! Insane how quickly time is going. The sleep probably won’t be much better but at least it’ll be more comfortable!

  3. You look great!! not sure what anyone else is thinking. People can be so rude! Just found your blog from Mommy run fast!! I’m Prego too but only at 15 weeks, I hope I can stay as active as you are till the 3rd tri and hopefully through my whole pregnancy. I think there is no problem with three kids, I actually want 3 but we will see how well I can deal, I have 1 and another on the way :) so it would be awhile before a third comes along.

    • Thanks! I actually found the transition from one to two kids easier than just having one. My oldest was a very challenging baby though. My second was much more easy going/content. We’ll see what number three gives us :) I’m definitely slowing down more but I’m happy with how much I’ve been able to do up to this point. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!!

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