Mayhem Monday: Halfway Point

Here we are at the halfway point of this pregnancy. As long as many days have felt, feeling horrible, wondering if I’d ever feel normal again (still wondering) have been, I’m amazed that 20 weeks have already gone by. It hasn’t been easy but knowing that it’s the start of the downhill gives me a sense of optimism. Knowing how busy the rest of our Spring/Summer is going to be means that time will fly by and this little one will be here and in my arms sooner than I realize.

So how are things going at 20 weeks? Well, I’m still nauseous but for the most part, it’s just at the end of the day most days. Sometimes I’ll have a rough day and feel miserable mid-afternoon but for the most part, that part is definitely a lot better. Energy-wise, I’m doing pretty good. I don’t have as much as I’d like but I’m not needing the same amount of sleep as I was the first few months. Days when I run, I’m usually more tired/worn out but I try to get to bed early those days. I have a 10k in a couple of weeks and am pretty sure I’ll be going to bed around 7pm that night. It’s going to be a rough race. I’m still looking forward to it because it’s a weekend away with a good friend that I adore who *gets* me and my quirks.

Dressing up the bump for work.
Dressing up the bump for work.

I’ve also noticed that darn belly line appearing already. I had it with both boys and with Mr. O, it stuck around for a good 6-7 months after I gave birth. I can’t remember if that’s supposed to be a sign of a boy or not. Either way, I can definitely see the beginnings of one. No stretch marks yet but I’m pretty stretched out already to I’m hoping to luck out 3 times in the stretch mark department.

My favorite Under Armour jacket is getting a bit snug!
My favorite Under Armour jacket is getting a bit snug!

Speaking of gender, we were thwarted by our little one at our ultrasound as 3.0 decided not to reveal his or her true identity. So I guess we’ll be waiting until September to find out. My type-A brain isn’t happy but I guess there’s not much we can do since we only get one ultrasound unless there are concerns. Boo.

Go me!
Go me!
Thursday's easy run.
Thursday’s easy run.

So the plan for this week is to try to run 2-3 times with the hopes of getting a 4-5 mile run in on the weekend. I was hoping to grab 4 miles this weekend but I had a Graston treatment on Saturday that left me pretty sore (but with some wicked red K-Tape on my leg. It’s pretty sweet!) and the 40 mile winds on Sunday didn’t do much to encourage me to head out. Cross-training is also on the agenda 1-2 days this week too. I’m really craving going for a swim but my bathing suit is in no way capable of expanding to support me at this point so I’m kind of stuck. I either have to find a maternity suit (do they even make maternity suits that are meant to swim laps in? Anything I’ve seen is more for lounging) and cough up the $$ for that, or wait until after baby to jump in the pool again.

Have a great week everyone!

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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

6 Responses to Mayhem Monday: Halfway Point

  1. Have you thought about going to one of those 3d ultrasound places to find out? The ones by me are under $100 and you get to keep a bunch of photos etc. and they tell you the gender. No way I could wait till sept!

    • We have a place here (Baby Moon) that does that. I think a gender only is fairly inexpensive. I’m trying to convince my hubby to book us an appointment. He’d much rather it be a surprise like with our other two. I just wanna know!! I may just have to rely on my hunches (which have been right 2 for 2 now!)

    • I find I wanted to know much more with our last baby than this one. I still want to know but I think with this pregnancy essentially flying by, we’ll be into September and finding out anyway you know? I just have to keep reminding my type-A brain of that 😉

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