Mayhem Monday: Got Sleep on the Brain

This past week didn’t quite go as planned. Work got unexpectedly busy, meetings were scheduled, appointments to go to, a canceled yoga class and an unfortunate pool “fouling”  (thankfully not while I was in the pool, but just as I was arriving) really threw things off for me. It actually ended up being a blessing in disguise because by Friday, I was beat. So much so that I opted to stay home Saturday morning and try to catch up on some sleep. I don’t care what people say, never sacrifice your sleep for a workout. It’ll backfire on you every time. The big thing I’ve learned over the years is that sleep is crucial. Sadly, this realization came after I had kids so I have to wait another decade or so because I can really master my sleep.

Bedtime. Yep...we're wild in the Fit House.
Bedtime. Yep…we’re wild in the Fit House.

But I digress.

My weekend saw my leg bugging my so I opted to not try to run on it and stick to another rest day.

Stooooopid leg...gurr.
Stooooopid leg…gurr.

Instead, I spent all of Sunday food prepping like a boss. Usually, I do half my prep on Sunday and another smaller prep on Wednesday but this week, I decided to go big. Other than a mid-week veg run, we are set for the week. Which means more time to sleep.

Crock pot and 3 burners going FTW.
Crock pot and 3 burners going FTW.

Yep…I’ve definitely got sleep on the brain.

So what’s on tap for me this week? Well for starters, I have to get more studying done. I have a tight study schedule to keep up with which means there is no room for procrastination. I’m sure I’ll still make room but in theory…I shouldn’t.

Best part of studying? Using colourful pens :)
Best part of studying? Using colourful pens :)

Otherwise, this is what I’m hoping for this week:

Sunday: Short Run: Scrapped in favor of resting my sore leg

Monday: Short Run + NTC

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Short run + NTC

Saturday: Swimming


Have a great week! Sleep lots 😉


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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

4 Responses to Mayhem Monday: Got Sleep on the Brain

  1. What craziness!!!! I am glad you rested!!! You know your bod better than anyone else so listen to it & do what is right for you & that bod.. does not help to make any injury worse for sure & sleep – yes, important!

    I have been not on the social media much the past few days so sorry for my lack of blog reading!!!

    • This winter has been so brutal! The ice has been ridiculous and we have so much snow, we don’t have anywhere to put it all. I will be so happy to see clear pavement again! Rest up girl, you deserve it!

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