Surviving Christmas and an Unexpected Gift

As I sit writing this, I’m procrastinating getting ready to foam roll and kick up my feet for the night. It’s been a whirl wind couple of days but I’m happy to report that we all survived and I didn’t require getting completely hammered any etoh therapy to get myself through the craziness that comes with Christmas. Though I love the tradition of seeing family, sharing meals together and exchanging gifts, I find that the older I get, the more I realize that the problems that plague my family don’t disappear just because there’s a pretty tree and a not-so-pretty Christmas sweater in the room. Try as we may to love one another for the sake of family and Christmas, I need to get better at loving 365 days of the year. That will rank high up on my prayer list in the coming year.

Gifts for Santa

Gifts for Santa

Aside from my crazy family and things beyond my control, our little family celebration couldn’t have been better. My 3 year old woke up at his usual 6:30am (a slight sleep-in, in spite of being up waaaaaaay past his bedtime the night before) and was excited to see that Santa had come, eaten, left some goodies and a note for him and his brother. Or at least this was what I was told. I was actually still comatose in bed and hubby got up. Christmas perk #1 of the morning.

Santa was hungry!

Santa was hungry!

Because we open gifts with my inlaws the night before, both boys’ gifts were still in their boxes which worked out PERFECTLY because my 1 year old slumbered until 9am (he definitely takes after me in the “not a morning person” department) and by about 8, my oldest was getting restless to see what Santa brought him.

Gift from Santa

Gift from Santa

We finally all got up and made our way to the stockings where everyone had a few little treats waiting for them (Lord help me, I gave my kids playdoh…). Next came the gift from Santa: sticker book and a play mobile set for the 3 year old and a sticker book and lego set for the 1 year old. It was magical. So much so that they opened a couple of smaller gifts and then wanted to play with their new toys right away. And the played…


It was truly a Christmas miracle. They played so well that there are still gifts under the tree, wrapped, waiting to be opened. Mind boggling if you ask me. When I was a kid, my brother and I nearly lost appendages going at the tree. I’m sure that time will come but for now, having a blissful day at home was the best gift I could have asked for. Especially since my 1 year old was a chronic meltdown at my family’s dinner. Thankfully, wine was supplied to get us all through that display.

To be continued…

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Stephanie is a mom 3, avid runner of countless miles with or without her kids in tow. Vegetarian, Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness, Stephanie plans to run her marathon and triathlon in the near future.

6 Responses to Surviving Christmas and an Unexpected Gift

  1. I think all families have those “things” that happen when everyone gets together! :)

  2. Nathan says:

    Family… makes it stressful and delightfully memorable at the same time.

  3. Merry Christmas, it sounds like you had a great day! I totally understand the family thing… My parents have been crashing here since the ice storm on Sunday.

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