Mayhem Monday: Counting down to Relaxation

As we approach the final countdown to Christmas, it’s time for this Mama to reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelax!! After last week’s birthday festivities and the bulk of our year-end mayhem at work behind me, I’m pretty much ready to kick my feet up and take it easy for a few days. Relaxation is definitely in my future.

After last week’s disappointing step back with my knee, I’m happy to take the rest of the year off running and not give it a second thought. We’ve expanded my treatment to now also include my quad which was apparently “lumpy”. It hurt like crazy getting it scraped and bruised up nicely enough that I couldn’t swim on Saturday (ouch) but it feels better today. Not taking any chances, I’m sticking to yoga and the elliptical this week and next.

Getting ready to get my Elliptical on in my sweet Old Navy tights and Under Armour shoes and studio top
Getting ready to get my Elliptical on in my sweet Old Navy tights and Under Armour shoes and studio top

Last week also saw a lovely time to celebrate my birthday and the birth of some babies!! None mine, sadly but I can get my baby fix so all is well. 34 is so far been an adventure. My hubby brought in dinner on my birthday from my favorite Vegan restaurant. The kids enjoyed Vegan hot dogs along with my SIL and he and I stuffed our faces with amazing Vegan burgers. Delish! I was so stuffed I had to be carried away from the table. Food babies were grown that day…

A couple of days later my dad, brother, other SIL and their adorable kids came over for cupcakes and to let the kids run wild around the house. It was nice. I wish my mum could have come but after yet another stay in hospital over the weekend, she wasn’t feeling up to coming (understandably).


I think back to this time last year when my heart was so heavy having lost my grampa just a week and a bit before my birthday and only 11 months after losing my granny. This year, things seem…I don’t know, more hopeful, happier. Maybe it’s contentment in my own life, maybe it’s simply the result of spending the last year adjusting to life as it is now, as opposed to dwelling on what might have been/could have been.

Either way, I’m looking forward to the next week.

A holiday necessity...Especially at year end time at work.
A holiday necessity…Especially at year end time at work.
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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

3 Responses to Mayhem Monday: Counting down to Relaxation

  1. Hugs. I feel you friend! I am VERY VERY! VERY!! homesick this year (I don’t know why THIS year I am more so than years prior). I feel like a scrooge beacuse I am missing out on my family fun… even though I should me making memories HERE with my own family. 😉 Enter the conundrum. Also, my grandma’s passing this year is super sad. The loss of loved ones during the holidays make it hard.


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