Chocolate Mint Smoothie Guaranteed to make you feel Festive

With the holidays among us, I’m seeing those lovely red cups from Starbucks and Christmas themed Tim Horton’s cups everywhere. Mostly in my own hand. As much as I love the holiday drinks, I’m less of a fan of what they do to my wallet. Namely…emptying it. Not to mention the absolute waste of calories and sugar overload that come with many of these fancy, yet delicious holiday treats.

I may have a solution for you. I know I’ve definitely found one for myself. I’ve been experimenting in my kitchen to try and come up with some smoothies that are 1) easy to make, 2) festive and 3) good for you. One of my favorite treats growing up was my mum’s mint fudge. No word of a lie, I could eat the entire pan. As I got older, she gave me the recipe (which I shared with you last year). As much as I adore my mum’s mint fudge, it’s not exactly what I would call a healthy alternative. In fact…it’s sweet enough that it pretty much makes my teeth hurt.

Since eating fudge every day isn’t an option for me, my teeth or my stomach, I wanted to create something a little more health conscious to fill the void.

And I struck taste-bud gold! I make this chocolate mint protein smoothie at least once a week and it is freaking amazing!!! When I’m feeling extra sassy, I’ll whip up some coconut creme (see Angela from Oh She Glow’s brilliant how-to post here) to layer on top. Not only does it make a great recovery drink, it just plain tastes great.


It really is as good as it looks (which is DELICIOUS!!)

Here’s how to make one of your very own:

Chocolate Mint Protein Smoothie


300ml unsweetened almond milk (or nondairy milk of choice)

1 scoop Vega Sport Vanilla protein Powder

1.5-2Tbsp raw Cacao powder (cocoa works too)

1/4 tsp Vanilla

2 drops pure mint extract (be really conservative. You don’t want to smell like you drink mouthwash…)

1 banana (fresh or frozen. Frozen will give you a much creamier consistency). I you don’t want the banana flavor to overpower, use one that’s just past the green stage with no brown spots. If you want a sweeter smoothie and don’t mind the banana taste, use a slightly overripe banana.


Add all ingredients, in order, to a blender and blend until smooth.

Pour into cup and top with coconut whip cream.

***To turn into a chocolate mint mocha smoothie, sub part or all of the nondairy milk with chilled coffee.***

I like to have mine with fresh berries. Raspberries are my favorite accompaniment. Now that they’re out of season, I’ll have to sub fresh for frozen. Enjoy!!


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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

5 Responses to Chocolate Mint Smoothie Guaranteed to make you feel Festive

  1. Yummy! That is very warming, and perfect for a winters day!

    One question, I keep seeing cacao….what is the difference between that and cocoa powder? Is it better for you?

  2. Looks like a great recipe, and actually very simple, especially if you have the mint extract on hand. Will definitely be trying. Really like your photography, too. Great job with this.

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