Mayhem Monday: Gradually returning to running

Happy Monday everyone! We are now into November. What?    WHAT???? I know. How did that happen, right? Aside from my kids giving us no extra hour of sleep on Sunday, it was business as usual at the homestead. Here’s how my food prep shaped up for the week. It’s actually pretty minimal as we’ll be eating out of the freezer and pantry for the most part so not as much prep needed. This suits me just fine!

FoodPrep1. These are incredible chocolate peanut butter freezer cups. I borrowed the recipe from Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean. Go check it out for the exact recipe. I changed it up by adding one heaping Tbsp of hemp seeds and just a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds on top. The last time I added more nuts and made the portions bigger but this is also quite perfect.

2.Sliced veggies for snacks and dinners.

3. Portabello Steaks. I’ll eat one as a burger with avocado and probably slice up the other to eat with steamed veggies or a wrap for lunch.

4. Blueberry bundt cake. Ridiculously easy to make. I just have to make a frosting and it’s ready to devour. Well, actually, I’ve already devoured a chunk of it. No shame…

5. Thai noodle soup. I love soup, and when the weather is chilly, something with a big of heat (courtesy of sweet chili sauce in this case) always hits the spot.

3-5 are recipes from the Happy Herbivore cookbooks I use. Check them out on amazon. They’re fantastic.

Workout-wise, I did 2x 1 mile warm up runs at the gym this week and for the most part, the running felt good. By the weekend, my leg was aching but not feeling inflamed. I’m not sure if that’s part of the healing process or if I need to be cautious. As a precaution, I’m playing it safe until my next Graston appointment on Tuesday. I’m also looking into having a gait analysis done to really narrow down where I need to focus my conditioning on over the winter months. I’ve been referred to a physiotherapist who is also an ironman triathlete (!) so I’m hoping to see her in the next couple of weeks to have this done.

Added some boom to my sumo squats. I felt the boom for a good two days after.
Added some boom to my sumo squats. I felt the boom for a good two days after.
If I paint myself yellow, I could totally pass for a swimming minion.
If I paint myself yellow, I could totally pass for a swimming minion.

Swimming was really good again this weekend. I managed to do 6 more warm-up laps than last week (about 80m per lap) and I felt good which was encouraging. My front crawl is atrocious and I know I have a lot of work to do in order to get myself where I want to be. I already have the endurance to do the swim portion of a sprint but not in front crawl. I would be doing it breast-stroke which is great for a small pack swim but probably wouldn’t do well in a more cramped, open-water swim. I could be wrong. Any triathletes reading this, please weigh in and let me know how most people do their swim?

Chillin' in my Under Armour "slippers" after swim watching a truly awful performance by my team. Yuck.
Chillin’ in my Under Armour “slippers” after swim watching a truly awful performance by my team. Yuck.

This coming week will be more of the same. I’ll try another warm up mile on the treadmill and if I get the reassurance I need/want after my appointment on Tuesday, I’ll head outside for a short run and go from there. My hope is that I’ll get one short run a week and gradually work my way back to 3 runs/week by the new year. Fingers crossed!

Have a great week!!

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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

5 Responses to Mayhem Monday: Gradually returning to running

  1. You can definitely do breast stroke in a triathlon – I line myself out to the side of the pack so that I can use it when my arms get tired. I alternate between arms only front crawl and breast stroke in order to save some leg power for the bike and run. If I find myself in a narrow gap of swimmers I switch to front crawl to get through them, then return to my alternating breaststroke/arms only front crawl. Unfortunately wet suits are too floaty for breaststroke as it pulls your arms and legs too close to the surface of the water to get a good pull and kick (I learned that the hard way). If you must wear a wet suit but want to do breast stroke, go with a shorty, sleeveless one. If you do an arms only front crawl, near the end of the swim switch to more kicking to allow your blood to return to your legs otherwise you will have jelly legs getting out of the water (there are volunteers lined up at the beach to catch the swimmers who fall from jelly legs/lightheadedness). Also, swim until your hands are grabbing sand from the bottom as it is much easier to swim in than to try and run through waist high water. Good luck in your triathlon!

    • Love this advice! Thanks Janice! I have a short-sleeved suit that I need to have the zipper repaired but am looking at getting a sleeveless one if the tri-bug bites me hard. Do you find your front crawl stamina is better in a wet-suit because of the floaty factor? So much to learn. I’m totally with you on saving the legs for the bike and run.

      • Tough question! Whether to wear a wet suit, and which style you prefer is a matter of personal preference and comfort level in the water. Open water swim sessions are the perfect opportunity to figure out what works best for you. My front crawl stamina is a bit better in a wetsuit which is needed more in a long course triathlon than in a sprint. Personally, I find that any gains in speed from a wetsuit during the swim in a sprint is lost in the transition trying to get the thing off – it also takes a lot of strength to run your bike in it, then wrestle the thing off. I prefer my transitions to be as low key as possible – I compete in a one piece tri suit so that I can slap my socks & shoes on, put my helmet on and go. For that reason I also have clipless pedals and I don’t bother with cycling shoes.

    • I love backstroke…but couldn’t imagine trying it out in open water with swimmers all around me. I definitely know where I need to focus my winter training. And since running isn’t going so well, I guess I need to figure out a good swimming plan :)

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