Show me the Scholarship!!

I started this little blog 3 years ago this month (*cue the confetti canon!!*) It’s kind of crazy that I’ve kept with it for so long. At first it was just a random diary that no one read. Now it’s a regular habit and dare I say…a very small business venture….that no one reads.

I certainly didn’t set out to make this blog a business. I honestly had no idea that you could. As I got more and more involved in it and took a big leap of faith and started to promote it. Low and behold, some opportunities came my way. Not many but some. I started talking amongst my fellow bloggers, asking them questions and quickly realized that blogging could be a viable source of income…if done correctly.

As a mom with young kids, I would love to stay home with them but understandably, the income I generate goes toward a very good cause…namely helping keep a roof over our heads, food on our table and Under Armour clothing on my body. It’s all about balance after all. I have no immediate plans to quit my job but I do have aspirations to be able to earn some money on the side that doesn’t get swallowed up by daycare costs. Truth be told, until Fit Boy and Mr. O are in school, I’m essentially in a volunteer position at work because my pay cheque goes toward their care. It’s one of those “wait for the reward” arrangements. I enjoy my job but it’s not my passion. Writing and photography (and running…obviously) are what make my heart flutter and my insides go all gooey. I love it.

So here’s my small dilemma: how do you grow a business when you don’t know how the business really works? You fumble around, ask some questions and see where stuff you throw around lands? Exactly!! Well…not exactly. It’s a bit more complicated than that. It’s a lot more than just putting brilliant thoughts to digital paper and waiting for the masses to flock to you. It’s really about having a focused direction to follow and understanding how the industry in question truly functions and let’s not fool ourselves, the blogging industry is probably one of the most diverse ones out there.

Way to think big Steph…

blog school

Instead of fumbling around, I’m putting myself out there and applying for a scholarship to my dear friend Rita’s blog school. I mentioned before that Rita is amazing and her knowledge is incredible. She’s built a solid business for herself and is putting her skills out there to help others do the same. She’s also a very talented designer and has done some amazing work for me over the years. In short: she rocks, I want to take her school. She’s generously offered a giveaway for 3 people to take her school for free! Whoo hoo!

The catch? Being creative in your entry. So I thought about it, mulled over it, tried to come up with something super amazing and…


I couldn’t think of a single way to really show/demonstrate why much I would love to take her course and how much I probably need it. I could link to old posts that were absolute bombs, I could show her my embarrassing analytics, my sometimes uninspired topics are pretty self-explanatory (mental note…never blog before morning coffee). I think Rita need only reference some of the many SOS emails I’ve sent her way to know…I need help.

Basically…if I had the creativity and knowledge of how to wow Rita…I wouldn’t need Rita. I’d be freakin’ famous!!!

Seriously though, if you want more info on this fantastic school, check it out here. If you want to enter to win a scholarship, go here.

If you want to sign up, just click on the ad in my sidebar or in this post (warning: it is an affiliate link, if you want to go the non-affiliate route, just follow the links in the prior paragraph). I’ve heard amazing things about the program and knowing Rita, I know you won’t be disappointed.

Good Luck!

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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

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  1. I’ve considered Blog School and other services by Rita (or others), the problem I have is that my blog is a *hobby* (about a hobby) and I don’t really like spending money on it unless it makes money (even just a little bit). There are things I could do to improve it and make it more successful but I don’t know how… it ends up being this weird Catch-22.

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