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Disclaimer: I was given the items I’m reviewing at no charge from Yogi Clothing in exchange for an honest review of the product. All opinions are my own


I received a parcel from Yogi Clothing a few weeks ago containing an adorable tank and sports bra to try out. I do love my workout clothes and though I’m not heavily into Yoga (which is obvious by the fact that I haven’t been able to touch my toes since 1995) but I do try to stretch and meditate as often as I can (and usually fail miserably in the process…sigh). Not being one to give up and never accepting that a piece of workout wear is only good for one sport (except bathing suits…I have some standards after all), I’ve been putting my Yogi Clothing to the test. Before I launch into the pro’s and con’s, here’s a bit about Yogi (taken from their website):


“Every journey starts with a path, and an idea of destination. Since 2000 Yogi has been blazing its own trail in the yoga community on the idea and inspiration that anything is achievable with a positive mental attitude. We believe in the power of imagination, and utilizing positive energy to achieve goals whether they be physical, spiritual, or psychological, our company philosophy embodies the power and mind set of the most disciplined yogi’s and maintains the attitude of enlightenment through achievements and encouragement. We love sharing this philosophy with our customers and strive to put this love and care into our clothing.”

So if I’m not a crazy Yoga inspiration, then what did I use these awesome clothes for? Running and strength training of course! The best mark of good workout wear is when it can withstand my stink, not change colour after a single wear (I’ve had stuff turn yellow after the first wear. Granted, I sweat like a dude but…really??), hold it’s shape with washing and fit properly without irritating me.

Pretty things come in pretty packages!
Pretty things come in pretty packages!

Did this tank and bra stand up to the challenge? Yes…yes they did! To date, I’ve worn them both a half dozen times, washing after each wear and hanging to dry (they have detailed wash instructions on their website with each clothing item-golden if you’re cheap like me and want to preserve your clothes until they pretty much disintegrate) and both the colour and the shape haven’t changed. They still look like new and after several very serious runs, that’s high praise indeed.

Front view, after several washes and wears
Front view, after several washes and wears

My favorite part about these clothes is how comfortable they are on me. There is no rubbing, bunching, chaffing or anything of the sort. The fabric of the tank really flows and because it’s not fitted right against my skin, it feels breezy and cool when I’m outside running. I love the racer back too, it just fits so nicely.

Back view, incredibly awkward to try and shoot with a phone.
I can totally see my gray hairs, egad.

Sorry, no picks in the bra…I’ve traumatized you all enough with body after baby pics, I’ll spare you this time.

The cons? Well, the fabric on the tank is very thin. Wearing a bra (and the tank has a shelf bra) covers any unsightly boob-issues (hello headlights) but not everyone may like being out with a fairly see-through tank on. It doesn’t really bother me because I run so fast, no one sees anything more than a blur of colour passing them by….or maybe I just don’t care..yeah, that’s more accurate. I also find that the shelf bra in the tank isn’t big enough for my liking. Let me put this into perspective because anyone that’s seen me, knows that I’m a bony girl with the curves of a teenage boy. The shelf doesn’t quite come down to cover my sports bra. This really isn’t a big issue for me because I’m so flat chested that I don’t really notice, but anyone bigger than a AA might notice. I should also point out that the shelf bra is not designed to be the sole ta-ta tamer in higher impact sports, like running.

Overall, would I recommend Yogi? Yes I would. I can’t say enough how comfortable I am in these clothes and I love that subtlety of the colours. They are very feminine and can easily be worn casually as well as for working out. So far, they’ve stood up to the rigors of this particular Fit Mom and I expect both items to be staples in my workout drawer for a long time.

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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

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