Slow and steady wins the Post-Pregnancy Race

I will freely admit that I am a bit of an entertainment nut. I love my People magazine, Entertainment tonight, Access Hollywood and various other celebrity rags. I’m not proud of it but I can’t help but glance over all the headlines when I’m out or have a few spare moments online and need to tune out my version of reality for a little bit.

Most stories don’t get much of a reaction from me but the one headline that always makes me cringe on the inside is the “<insert celebrity name here> debuts their post-baby body”. What makes me cringe is that these articles tend to show these moms to look pencil thin mere weeks after giving birth.

This is not reality!!!

I’m not saying that no “Average” mom can’t look amazing shortly after having a baby because I’ve seen plenty of moms who look fan-stinking-tastic afterwards. What bothers me is that this type of transformation is depicted as being the norm and that if the weight doesn’t melt off, then there is something wrong with you.

News Flash…there is NOTHING wrong with you!!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t look up to those people anymore, the way I used to. Those aren’t role models for me. I look to moms like Jennifer Garner, Jessica Simpson and Hilary Duff who do it slowly, and make a conscious effort to do it properly, in spite of the industry they make their living in. I relate more to these women because they struggle, just like I do. Are these (or any) moms perfect? Of course not! But seeing a woman who goes through the same struggles that I do not only makes me feel less alone in my struggles but it also gets me up cheering them on, hoping they achieve their goals, whatever they may be.


I don’t condemn any of these moms by any means. Heck, if you can walk out of that hospital in your skinny jeans, more power to you! To each their own as they say but I think it’s important to acknowledge that slow, gradual weight loss, be it after having a baby or as part of an overall lifestyle change is perfectly acceptable. Gone should be the days of criticizing a woman for not losing weight fast enough.

When I started my Body After Baby journey on this blog, it wasn’t to show off my body, it wasn’t to see how fast I could lose my baby weight and get my pre-baby body back. Rather, it was my diary of the journey and that it takes time, effort and commitment to get there. It has not been easy in the sense that every day, I have a choice to make: be mindful and active or be mindless and inactive. I don’t always choose the former. I’ve learned a lot about myself, about my limits and about how my choices affect everything I do in a day.

Who do you look to for inspiration in meeting your goals? 

***Topics like this can bring out some spirited debate. Debate away but please be respectful***


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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

3 Responses to Slow and steady wins the Post-Pregnancy Race

  1. I look to bloggers (like you!) and other “real” women, not necessarily for body inspiration but just to see how others handle the ups and downs of getting in shape (especially after baby).

    I think the most inspiring and interesting bloggers are those who share their struggles of meeting goals, rather than the ones who eat a perfect diet, never have fat days and are always super excited to exercise. Maybe people like that really do exist, but I can’t relate to them :)

  2. yeahhhh kudos for this post!! I clearly have no children yet but I am always thinking WTH they have to be wearing spanx :) I do understand it’s their job and that changes things, but they talked about this at the RW event this weekend and I love that the more women talk about it the less pressure there is to bounce back instantly

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