Body After Baby: Week 12 Check-in

I cannot believe week 12 is here already. Baby O is holding his head up, smiling, cooing and interacting like crazy and Fit Boy is slowly settling down and seems to have accepted that this little person is not going away.

As for myself, weigh-in has me down 5lbs this past month. 3 that I put back on plus another 2 that decided to get the heck outta town (and good riddance!). At this point, weight loss doesn’t concern me. I’m in the healthy range for my height/build so any further weight that jumps ship is a bonus. I will probably still check once a month but if I don’t…uh…well I don’t :)

Exercise-wise, I’ve been running and loving it but I think I need to get my gait re-examined. I had this done after Fit Boy was born and the shoes I ended up in were marvelous (thank you Asics!)! Had very little knee pain (the thorn in my side!) and was able to run very well in them. I’m noticing that the magic is fading and my knees and shins are sore when I run. Part could be that I’m overcompensating for my weakened core and overall loss of muscle tone. If anyone has insight/suggestions, hit me up in the comments!

This coming month my goals are to continue with my running plan and to get back in the pool. I’ve been avoiding it because a) I need someone to watch the kids, b) the open swim times at the pool s-u-c-k, c) wasn’t quite ready to try and pour myself into a swimsuit. In my determination to live a No Excuses lifestyle, I can’t hide behind them. Some obstacles are tough but turning them into reasons not to do something means I’m not taking the time to find solutions. These next few weeks will be spent identifying the obstacles and finding ways around them.

And lest we forget…the progress pictures:

12 weeks postpartum


Question: What are your biggest obstacles and how are you working around them?

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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

10 Responses to Body After Baby: Week 12 Check-in

  1. Great post… your abs are way better than mine and I’m on 30 years without having a baby. You inspire.

    My biggest obstacle, post having a baby (we have a 7 month old) is finding time to get my runs in WITHOUT missing time with baby gir. I’ve turned to mid-day lunch runs and (much earlier) morning workouts. Luckily, I have a suportive partner who grants me time away to get my fitness on. Kudos for your progress and success.

  2. It’s only week 12 but already I can see a fit & slim girl in the picture. You’re recovering fast. What’s the top secret girl?

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