Crazy Good Salmon Spinach Salad


I used canned salmon and mixed in just a touch of light mayo and mustard and added it to a bed of spinach with strawberries, pineapple and a bit of poppyseed dressing because I was feeling like a rebel. The result was full of flavour, filling and ready in under 5 minutes. I also sometimes add slivered almonds, feta, mandarins, dried cranberries or blueberries depending on what I have at home.


Stephanie is a working mom of 2 boys, a veteran of 4 half marathons, 1 Ragnar Relay and countless miles with or without her kids in tow. Vegetarian, Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness, Stephanie chronicles her not-so-average life as an average runner and a Fit Training.

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  1. Yeah, the canned salmon on a salad definitely makes a quick, healthy lunch. I like the Costco sockeye salmon– too bad it’s a lot more expensive than the pink salmon. Predictably, we have a stack of pink salmon in the cupboard but no sockeye. Time to think up some kind of salmon loaf or casserole to use it up so I can get more sockeye!

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