My Most Popular Posts for 2011

I did a lot of writing this past year. Some posts got a lot of attention, others went completely unnoticed. But every one of them was written from the heart and never with the mindset of “I wonder how many page views this post will get”. I’ve always maintained that I write for the enjoyment of it and if there should come a day that this blog becomes something bigger, that would be fantastic but that’s not the sole purpose for tapping away at the keyboard night after night.

For those that may be a bit newer to the Fit Mom universe, here’s a list of my more popular posts from the past year. For those that have been around longer, here’s a list of posts you can revisit.


1. Wordless Wednesday: A good reminder for us all

2. B is for Believe…in Yourself

3. Solo 925 Heart Rate Monitor- Review

4. D is for Don’t… wish you could be someone else. For all you know, they’re unhappy too

5. C is for Commit…to change


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Stephanie is a mom 3, avid runner, Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When not chasing her kids around, you can find her dreaming of her first marathon, triathlon and continuing to build her fitness skills and knowledge.

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