Why I Run

Some people think I’m crazy. Others just think I’m weird. After all, I live in the Prairies where we have two season: Winter and Bug. My “running drawer” consists the lightest of light clothes for our scorching summers and the heaviest of heavy for our freezing winters. And of course, a few items for the in between. So why do I do it? Why do I lace up my runners and head out in the rain, sun, snow and wind?


I’m a mom (mom’s will understand without further explanation…others will just have to take my word for it when I say “no explanation needed”)

I feel free

I get some of my best thinking, reflecting and soul searching done while I’m pounding the pavement,

endorphins are the only therapy I can afford,

I love the feeling of the sun on my face, wind in my hair,

it’s a time that can be for me, about me and only me,

I always finish my “race” and always place first,

I want to see how far my legs will take me,

I can. I’m blessed with the ability to make my body work for me and I don’t take that for granted, even for a minute.

Need I say more?

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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

6 Responses to Why I Run

  1. Great post, Steph!! I love your answer of each time you “race you come in first” that is so true! Many times on my solo runs when I want to quit, I remind myself that I am racing against myself. Love this! :)

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