Fitness, Voting and Sweat, Oh My!

How is everyone doing this first full week of 2011? It’s been full of fitness and fabulousness for me. I’ve clocked 5K toward my goal of walking/running/swimming/cycling 500K this year. Swimming starts up again this weekend so I’ll likely be adding a bit more to the tally (and after 2 weeks off, it’s gonna hurt so bad!). My girls on Team Punishment have also been working hard on some P90X craziness and I couldn’t be prouder! I’m lovin’ doing this challenge with you!

Speaking of which…

Week 1 of P90X is done. I did all 6 days of workouts. Let me start by saying that I knew there would be pain. But doood, seriously now. After the first two days, I couldn’t lift Fit Boy over my head because all the pushups from Day 1 caught up to me. It’s all good though. I feel fantastic. Next week will be better. Can’t wait to Razzle my Dazzle and rock my bad self.

This week also marks Mamavation voting week. Campaign 7 is about to begin for 2 moms. Sadly, not everyone can be chosen but you know what? That’s ok. Being a Mamavation mom doesn’t guarantee weight loss. It doesn’t guarantee success and it’s definitely doesn’t guarantee it being a glamourous gig (though sweat IS sexy and you guys will be glowing on a daily basis as Bookieboo busts your butts). You and you alone are responsible for that. To all 21 of you who applied: You’ve hit your turning points, your “aha” moments, your realizations that NOW is the time to step it up and commit. What you do from here going forward (whether as Mamavation Mom or Move it and Lose it participant) is all in your control. No one, not even Bookieboo can make you do anything (though I dare you to say no to her…come on…do it…see what happens 😉 ). You’re in charge of your decisions, your choices, your end result. Be proud of yourselves for coming this far. Putting yourselves out there for us all to see is not easy. And the coming week will be hard. Never doubt your strength, determination and resilience. You are beautiful and inspiring and strong enough to rock this journey…if you choose to.

All the best to our finalists. Each and every one of you that applied has my full support and if you need a Fit Friend, a cheerleader, a motivator, a butt kicker… I’m here for ya! MWAH!

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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

20 Responses to Fitness, Voting and Sweat, Oh My!

  1. Oh my goodness! I first hear about the P90x through you crazy Mamavation gals and thought it was just an intense workout DVD set. But, I just watched an infomercial on it and dang! That is one crazy busy butt-kicking program. The diet sounds a little confusing, but you can’t argue with the results. I definitely want to try this once I am below the 200 mark.

    Thank you for your kind words. I am so nervous and worried about finalists, but know I want and NEED to lose the weight regardless. Thanks for being so supportive.

  2. You rock my world, lady.
    You’re really the sweetest sweetie.
    I’m going to start a fan club.
    Glad to be doing P90X with you! Doing Chest and Back tomorrow for the first time. Pray for me.

  3. DUDE! I’m joining you TODAY on teh p90x pain train! We are gonna ROCK some killer MamaGuns! I’m skerd and excited! I also REALLY REALLY love what you said the the Mamavation Mom Applicants! So true and wise! I ADORE you!

    • *blushing* You’re too kind. I’m so stoked that you’re joining Team Punishment! Whoop!

      Oh and just so you know. When I see you at Mamavation Meet-up, I’m very likely going to tackle you with a big ol’ Canadian Bear Hug. Consider yourself warned 😀

    • Thanks. I can’t say that I know what they’re all going through first hand but I do know what it’s like to want something very, very badly and it’s so important not to lose focus on our own abilities and that we are in charge of our decisions daily. I’m so excited to watch you at our LA mom!

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