Mamavation Monday- October 11, 2010

The week has been good and frustrating all at once. I’ve decided that I want to run a half marathon before we have another baby. I have 3 in mind that I could train for but this becomes the challenge for me: I have a 7 and a half month old baby, and a husband who is very busy at work and is currently in the running to be elected as a school trustee in our area. So my question to you busy running moms is how do you fit it in? I think my main frustration is that this goes beyond my desire and my wanting to put myself first. I don’t have babysitters readily available (neither set of parents live anywhere near us) and the husband rarely comes home when he’s supposed to. There’s got to be a way right? It’s probably easier than I think. My main solution is to invest in a treadmill so that I can take advantage of A’s naps or downtime to get a run in when going outside isn’t an option. That, unfortunately, has been vetoed 8 ways from Sunday by hubby who doesn’t want to spend the money and doesn’t think we have the space for one.

I can’t help but find it ironic that once I’m back at work in February, I’ll have access to our work gym again, which is in my building and open 24/7 so I will have options. But do I really want to wait until then to run. Absolutely not! I guess for now, I will continue to try out different things and see if something sticks. I can do short runs with baby in the jogging stroller but even he only lasts so long before he wants out.

In other news, I posted my first giveaway and you do NOT want to miss out on that action! Read about how you can win a 3 month membership Pete Cohen’s nutrition program. Yes…that Pete Cohen! Shazaam! I told you it was going to be Epic! Now go enter or else I’m keeping it for myself :)

Buff’n’Tough Challengers! How are you guys doing?! You are over halfway to the end! Week 5 starts this week. This is what I want you to do: Step it up! You’ve had 4 weeks to get into the groove, get comfortable, and develop a routine. Now I want you to take it to the next level! Your goal this week is to increase the intensity of your workout! Suggestions are to add/increase your weight, increase reps, try something new! Doing pushups with your knees on the ground? Try giving me a few with your knees off the ground. Hit the comments below and tell me how you’re going to re-challenge yourself!

To everyone doing my challenge AND Rachel’s movement challenge: hats off to you! I know you can handle both challenges and I’m super proud of you for doing it! We’re gonna have one tough crew of mamas!

To our Mamavation Finalists, good luck girls! This is going to be a tough, tough week for you but know that you have my support and I’m here for you all! *hugs*

Congrats to Amanda, our wonderful Sista of the Week! Love you girl! You’re awesome!!

Have a great week everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

27 Responses to Mamavation Monday- October 11, 2010

  1. Yeah, that’s rough and it’s getting cold too! Is there maybe a gym nearby that has childcare? Can you get up super early before your husband leaves? Can he make a compromise to come home on time a couple of nights a week? Can you run up and down your stairs while your son sleeps?

    Maybe you can collect cans or something to get the treadmill. Do you have can deposits in Canada? :) I’m half serious. Hope other people have better suggestions!

    • I know that we could afford it if we were careful with our budget, it’s just an excuse. I also know that we have the room. A friend of mine lives in a house even older that ours and with a low ceiling in the basement too and she’s got one in her basement.

  2. I wish I had some suggestions for you but I’m drawing a blank. I’m not going to reccommend runnig early morning because , well, I never recommend anything I wouldn’t do myself and I’ve not been able to get my butt up early enough to run before work. I run at night (ok, so really its more like a fast walk/ slow jog) after everyone is settled. I think that’s mostly because I like running through my neighborhood in the dark… no one can see me. I hate that the hubs is busy and doesn’t always make it home when he’s supposed to. I can appreciate how hard that makes it for you to schedule. Don’t give up though… I know you’ll find a way!

    • I’ve tried the early morning workouts and it’s too hard. I’d have to get up at about 4:00am and I’m just not there yet. I’m as much the problem as I am the solution so it’s gonna come down to trial and error until something sticks.

  3. Do you have a jogging stroller? Run SLOW (about 1 min slower than usual) with the jogger for your weekly runs… and when your husband is off work have him watch A to get your long run in.

    I too had the goal to run a 1/2 marathon b4 getting pregnant each time. I ran my first in November 2004 b4 getting preggo with C. My second was June 2007 (days) before getting pregnant wtih P. T just happened… and just finished that 1/2 marathon.

    The race is TOUGH… but if you have a goal to COMPLETE you can start now! :)

    Let me know if you want to bounce ideas off each other. I would love to help you reach this goal!!

  4. Stephanie! Yikes!

    Sounds like a pretty crazy situation you’re in! I think having your own treadmill would be fantastic, ESPECIALLY if you are going to have another kid in the future, which means staying home and baby weight to lose… you’re a runner! you’d use it!

    But I also understand the money issue… guh! things are tight everywhere I am sure… in Utah {where I live} we have online classifieds where you can pick up just about anything SUPER cheap… Seriously, we I furnished my entire apartment (except my matress and couch) via these online classifieds…. there are deals to be had! AND I know that if your local area doesn’t have anything like that there is a Canadian version of craigslist… search for treadmills under “For sale”-“Sporting Goods” {i looked it up first! hehe}…

    decide what you think you’d be willing to spend and then just watch the ads like a hawk!

    Good luck this week sweetie! I am sure you’ll find a solution that works for YOU! … and if Mamavation ever gives away another Smooth Fitness treadmill I will round up all my supporters to support you!


  5. I agree with the jogging stroller, or perhaps finding a college student (assuming you are near one) that could help you out? When I was a member of a gym it had a kid’s area so I could leave my son while I worked out.

    Best of luck to you this week.

  6. I am getting a jogging stoller to start running with after this baby is born as well. I am like you and want to run and train more. You are just so plan awesome I hope you cna see what a wonderful fit you are to mamavatun and don;t you worry I may not be able to lift so many weights, but I am lifting can foods everyday! Tahts how much you ahev inspired me! *hugs*

  7. I always anted a jogging stroller, and I could still use one! Normally I just hit the road after hubs is home with the kids, I know I should get them out more…

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! Awesome giveaway!

    Have a great week and stay warm!

  8. Where there is a will, there is a way!! I know you’ll find a way!

    This week for #MamaGuns challenge, I added squats and lunges. Oh my heavens to betsy! Definitely a challenge, but I’m so glad I got help with proper form! Makes all the difference!

  9. Suggestion for the Treadmill…. ok I’ve seen sooo many people winning great stuff and getting “sponsors” for all kinds of stuff.

    Why not get a sponsor for the treadmill? Tell them that you’re training for the marathon and you’ll wear their logo at the marathon?

    That’s my .02!

    I’m totally psyched to get to know all of you ladies out there pushing yourselves and becoming everything you imagined and more. I’m loving it!

  10. A treadmill sounds like a good idea…or how about waking up early before hubby goes to work in the morning to get some kind of running in? I know you will get it figured out and you will rock whatever half marathon you decide on!

  11. It’s rough trying to find time to run. Believe me, I only started running again last week and I am having a hell of a time trying to do it. I have to get up WAY early in the morning or else I can’t do it.

    I hope you do find time to do it. Sorry your hubs schedule isn’t working and he isn’t supportive of getting you a treadmill.

  12. I wish I had advice for your situation. All I can think is babysitting co-op with another mother a few times a week so you can get that solo run time in. I think you are doing fantastic for what you have been able to do with your husband’s busy schedule.

    My strength will be chill this week and I’ll ramp it up next week. I am super good at doing endurance arm exercises that are great for toning in my prenatal yoga classes.

  13. Ooo… Yeah, you know, a treadmill can be a big investment, and the one thing you’re never REALLY prepared for is just HOW much space they take up, or where to put it — SO if you guys DO eventually decide to get a treadmill, I would suggest ONE thing first. Do your research adn get the dimensions of the ENTIRE thing. Now just the square footage on the floor, but measure out how tall, wide, ect, and visualize that area! :) I know, probably stupid advice for something you may or may not get, but that’s totally one of the things that I didn’t prepare for with mine! :)

    I’m with Lori, can you get up and go earlier before the hubs leaves, or perhaps get a stroller? It’s a cheaper alternative!! :)

    I think it’s FABULOUS that you’re wanting to enter a half marathon. That’s just awesome!

    You go girl!


  14. I have the same issues with trying to start running. My hubby is almost never home and when he is he’s to tired to watch the kids. I haven’t mentioned a treadmill to him, but I am sure I would also get the same response. I would love to have one and would more than likly be on it all the time but these darn hubby’s can be a pain in the but!

    I hope that you have a great week!!

  15. Treadmills can take up space. I have one in my basement that hubby wants to get rid of but it is mine and I am running more now so he can’t touch it. We have low ceilings in our basement too, but my 6ft2 hubby can run on it still. I store it in the corner next to our tv. Fold it out to use then fold it back to store. I have the key in a high secret place that the boys can’t find it. How about snacks for the little one in the stroller while you jog? Or toys that you can tether to the stroller to keep him entertained a little longer? I use to keep new toys for such occasions.
    I love mama guns challenge, but I really need to step it up for these next few weeks….just not sure how yet. Maybe I’ll lift while watching Mamavation TV tonight. Or alternate sip-up and push-ups

  16. Kia has a great idea for a babysitting co-op. Is there a mommy’s day out group in your area? Or tell your hubby he either has to buy you a treadmill or pay for a gym membership so you can run. I hope you find something that will work for you.

  17. your hubby sounds like mine about the treadmill…(sticking my tongue out at them both)! Sorry I dont have tons of suggestions. I have issues with having children around all the time too so I do the majority of my exercising at home, but Im not a runner so cant help you in that aspect. Good luck!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed your turkey! I used to run on a dreadmill I got second hand while my first was sleeping – then I got a second hand jogging stroller (which prob won`t help you much in a month from now when the great white north is blanketed in white). The only other thing I can suggest is to try and find another mom to switch off babysitting duties with. I didn`t get out to exercise at all when my 2nd was a baby – my hubby was in Ireland the whole time and he hadn`t brought my dreadmill in when we moved into our house. Umm – apparently I`m no help :)

  19. I’m not sure of suggestions that havent already been said. I wish you luck in finding a solution.

    As far as the Mamaguns challenge I have been doing my kettlebells which I love about 3 times a week.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! Have a super healthy week!

  20. Steph don’t give up on the 1/2 marathon – a treadmill is actually a very good idea. When I trained for the marathon I did a lot of it on the treadmill especially towards the end. It is easier on the body… knees hips feet. running distance tends to take a toll on the body. the first treadmill I bought – I found at a garage sale for only $100. I was out running one morning and found it. :) it is a great investment and helps with scheduling as well.
    I am feeling a difference from the mama guns challenge… not sure if you can see a difference yet. but it feel it. This week I am focusing just a little more on cardio. I really want the scale to move this week. Thanks for all your amazaing support. Love and hugs

  21. I saw you just squirrel away some money every week, like $10 or $20, and try to save up for a treadmill. If you can even save half of it, maybe your hubby will me more inclined to let you buy one. Tell him you’d rather spend money on something you can own, than a monthly payment to a gym. Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you!

  22. good luck on working out your schedule and i will work on the intensity of my workouts this week since last week i only got 2 days of strength in instead of 3.

    have a great week and thanks for everything

  23. I totally understand what u mean. My hubby has inconsistent hrs too and I rarely can go running at night. I have 5 in school right now, and one very cooperative 2/3 yr old who loves riding in the stroller so I either take him with me or I run on the wii fit. I used to wait and do evening walks but he rarely gets home before dark and now with the sun going down before 8 he NEVER gets home before dark and I will NOT go walking or running in this neigborhood after dark! My hubby didn’t want to spend money on a gym membership so he got me the wii fit instead. I too wish I had a gym membership and a treadmill but alas.. that dream will have to wait!

    as for the mamaguns… I will try to up my intensity but as far as handweights go. I only have 2 pound weights.. so unless I do 1 arm at a time and hold both (which i’ve done a few times) I can’t up it in that respect unless I go out and spend money we don’t have this month… So I will plan on upping it with harder excercises like the table top pushups (which I have been too afraid to do since day one), situps, or more pushups or something with mega resistance that I tend to avoid like the plague.. haha.. I was pretty proud of myself after doing the 150 jumping jacks this morning, and felt on top of the world! haha might I mention I hated jumping jacks before this morning?!!!) woot woot! go me!

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