Keeping it Real…

This has been somewhat of a hard week for me. After the high of the race on Sunday I was full of ambition and energy and drive but as the days passed by, I found myself entering back into that fog of depression that I experienced after A was born. No energy, extra grumpy, feeling sorry for myself and being very, very frustrated at M for not supporting me in my fitness quest. One of the biggest challenges in getting back into this whole fitness thing and making goals for myself has been finding the time to work out. M works long hours and when he gets home he’s exhausted. By the time he gets home and I get dinner on the table, it’s time to start A’s bedtime routine, which can be interesting to say the least. Once he’s in his crib, my gym is usually about to close so I can’t go workout there and the sun is nearly gone which means the bugs are out full force which makes it very hard to get outside to do anything (though I guess running for your life to escape them would be a pretty good workout). This, of course stresses me out because as a new mom, I haven’t discovered yet how to gain that balance in my new life.

Moms, is this sounding familiar?

I recently started a twitter account, with the express purpose of stalking celebrities as a way to pass the time when I couldn’t sleep, or when A was curled up next to me and I couldn’t move. What I ended up finding was pure gold. I came across the hashtag #mamavation and quickly found my way to This site is literally saving me right now. It’s a site devoted to the health and fitness of moms everywhere. It’s absolutely inspiring to be able to read about all these amazing moms who have many of the same struggles of their own, working through life TOGETHER, supporting one another and being each other’s champions. THIS is what it’s all about. Not everyone has support readily available to them. I know I don’t. It’s a battle in my house to stick to healthy eating because it’s very costly and some of the food doesn’t appeal to M and where I live, the healthier and fresher choices can be very hard to find (the closest farmers market is about 40 minutes away, only open a few months of the year and only 2 days a week). M is also very resistant to giving me the freedom to workout or go to the gym. I really do feel completely alone in my journey and in my struggles to improve my overall health (I’m a closet binge eater who goes into overdrive when stressed/depressed). So you can understand my elation at discovering mamavation. It blows my mind that there is a group of ladies out there who don’t know me, who’ve never met me and likely never will and yet they will cheer me on and encourage me and in turn, I love, love, LOVE to read about their journey’s and be their cheerleader.

If you need a place to go where you can be loved, inspired and encouraged, check out Mamavation. Trust me, it will inspire you too! Thanks Mamavation for making this shy, lonely Canadian mama feel big, strong and able!

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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

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