Mayhem Monday: Bittersweet Memories

Last week, we were on holidays. We had a great week planned, lots of activities with the kids, hubby’s birthday and a three-day course for me. We were busy and we definitely made some fantastic memories.

Our biggest outing was a trip to the aquatic center in a neighbouring city. Now, before I touch on the actual day, I should put a disclaimer that we are not the most water-loving family. Translation: my kids tend to scream like caged animals at the thought of going in the water. In the past, this has been somewhat handy when single-handedly attempting to take them to the beach because they played in the sand and at the shoreline so there was never any instance of me running after them as they swam out of range. But it also makes things like wading pools and splash pads a bit useless for us too. Now that my oldest has been in swimming lessons, he’s warmed up to the water immensely. My 3 year old…well he clung to me for dear life and declared water was not fun. You win some, you lose some. He eventually loosened his grip and pretended to have some fun. Thankfully, the little lady…not phased in the least by the water. One out of three people…one of out three. I will take it! All in all, we had a great day. We’re also deathly afraid of what swimming lessons are going to be like for the 3 year old come fall < shudder >.

This man right here.
This man right here.

Our week looked to be going splendidly until we got a phone call that we didn’t want to get, even though it has been one we’ve been expecting for weeks now: my grampa passed away late Tuesday night. We got that call Wednesday morning on hubby’s birthday. It’s been a tough week because in spite of the comfort of him being out of pain, having lived a full life (he was 95!) and being reunited with my grandma in heaven, it still hurts. My heart is still so heavy and the grief is tangible. I loved that man dearly and his absence in my life leaves a big hole in my heart. I am so blessed for the time we had and that he (and all my grandparents) were close to us. It really is a privilege to have been able to grow up with my grandparents (especially in pre-social media, skype, google phone days) but now that they are all gone…it’s tough. As we prepare to say our final good-byes on Wednesday, I am praying for God’s comfort in our hearts because his loss has been hard on us.

Until heaven grampa.
Until heaven grampa.

This week, we are more or less back to routine. Hubby is back to work and we are navigating our way through the heat. Right now, my focus is on the funeral and preparing myself for that. Beyond that, everything else will just be falling where it needs to be.

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