Fukumoto Friday: Week 23

After last week’s “ordeal” with the sorest butt I have ever had, I’m thankful that I woke up this morning with my ability to sit down on the toilet pain-free intact. My legs are tired but not sore. I may have been foam-rolling in my sleep. I’m not entirely sure.


Now that I’ve gone through all three workouts, it’s time to talk goals for this phase. As always, pushups are at the forefront for me. They are so stinkin’ challenging and I swear, some days I can do them, other days, I totally can’t. This week was a challenging pushup week. My goal is to get through 3 of 4 sets without band assistance or modification. Last week, I got through nearly 3 sets without modifying. This week, barely 2. Like I said, the pushup is a tricky foe. I had also wanted to try a heavier kettle bell to see how it felt. I did that yesterday and it felt good! I’ll see about adding that into Saturday’s workout. And finally, adding in some variety into my burpees. Pushups, one-leg, mountain climbers. I think it’s time to broaden my burpee horizon. Maybe then I won’t dread them so much. Or maybe I will. We’ll see. I’d also like to increase the load on my squats. The problem I find is that I can squat heavier but I can’t necessarily hold a heavier sandbag up. I guess I cooooould just try it and see what happens. It couldn’t be worse that dropping the sandbag….repeatedly, could it???

Tomorrow, I’m taking a level 1 Kettle bell course and I couldn’t be more excited. I really want to get my swing looking less horrific and learn other ways to use the bells. I’m stoked for a fun afternoon of learning.

I hear my foam roller calling me….coming dear!


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