Fukumoto Friday: Week 2

I’ve now completed two weeks at the warehouse. Last week was (thankfully) an easier week in that it was more about introducing me to the program and showing me how to do some of the exercises and use some of the equipment. I was grateful that expectations were low and the focus was more on getting me comfortable with the process. I’ve never used sandbags, TRX or muscle ropes before and workouts this month include all 3. When you’re a bit nervous to begin with, it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there was lots of support, people working at all different levels and a lot of cheers and high-fives going around. I felt right at home and ready to work hard.

Sadly not written by my hubby BUT by a friend who knows how to make a gal feel loved :)
Sadly not written by my hubby but by a friend who knows how to make a gal feel loved :)

This week, it was more about seeing what I could do within my ability. It wasn’t about going broke on the first date, it was about pushing just beyond comfort while staying safe. It’s a tough mental game because it’s been ingrained in my head for years to go hard or go home. If you didn’t hurt for days after, you obviously weren’t trying hard enough.

I don’t have anything against feeling sore after a good workout but I’m beyond the notion that I should look like my donkey (if I had a donkey) kicked me in the ass (get what I just did there? Donkey…Ass…??? *crickets*…) repeatedly.

What I learned this week: You don’t have to ache for days to know you gave a good effort. I had next to no soreness this week which could mean to some that I was lazy and didn’t try hard enough. I disagree. My muscles let me know that they were fatigued. My legs were tired after squatting with the sandbag this week. My arms are still shaking from the muscle ropes and I felt each and every push-up I attempted, even though I modified the crap out of them.

I also learned something very important: Modification doesn’t equate to weakness. Yes, I have weak areas (essentially everything from the waist up) but I’m not weak. Modifying when I need to, like when I feel my form slipping away means that I have more work to do but I’m not weak. Never weak. Just getting stronger. Every. Single. Day.

What I’m looking forward to next week: Giving it another go at these workouts and hopefully being able to not only get my form looking better but also increasing the difficulty where I can (squats, lunges). And laying a beating down on those dang muscle ropes. I swear they taunt me and laugh at my itty bitty arms.

For now, I’m looking forward to a much-deserved (and likely extremely painful) massage and will dream of kettle bells dancing in my head.

Next week, I’ll tackle nutrition, my ever present foe!

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